Often, guys who try to avoid making the first move, usually have the wrong idea about what women are REALLY attracted to in men.

Most men decide whether or not they’d have sex with a woman in the first second based on how good she looks.

In other words, when a guy is worried about making the first move, he’s usually thinking, “Would she be interested in a guy like me? Am I good looking enough? She’s beautiful, so why would she want a guy like me to approach her or kiss her? She could easily get herself a male model or a billionaire for a boyfriend, so why would she want me?”

Doubting themselves is one of the main reasons why many guys end up being scared when it comes to approaching women.


Think about the last time that you let fear stop you from making the first move on a woman you liked.

Instead of walking up to her and starting a conversation, did you allow your mind to cycle through any of these excuses?

  • I’m not that good looking, so why would she want to talk to me?
  • She’ll probably reject me, so what’s the point? I’m not good looking enough for her.
  • Women like guys with big muscles. I’m too skinny/fat, so why would she be attracted to me?
  • Women like rich guys. I don’t have a lot of money, so I can’t buy her expensive gifts or take her out to fancy restaurants.
  • Women like tall guys. I’m not very tall/I’m short, so she wouldn’t want me to make a move on her anyway. I’ll just get rejected, so there’s no point even trying.


Here’s the thing…

For a woman to feel sexually attracted to a guy, she needs to first interact with him to experience his personality and assess his inner qualities.

That is what matters to most women, not looks.

Yes, a woman will sometimes look at a good looking guy and say, “Wow, he’s so handsome,” but she can lose interest in him if she realizes that he isn’t confident. The first sign of a man’s confidence is if he approaches her and makes the first move.

Of course, some women are shallow and only care about a guy’s physical appearance or money, but the majority of women in this world are much more interested and attracted to a guy’s personality, confidence and inner qualities.