Types of Men Women Should and Should Not Date According to Their Star Sign
Our zodiac sign influences our life in many ways. Some...

Our zodiac sign influences our life in many ways. Some people believe in it, whilst others don’t. Zodiac Signs have all the power to influence and infiltrate every aspect of our lives. It says a lot about our choices, goals in life, willpower, likes, dislikes and much more. The zodiac sign helps us discover interesting facts about our personality that influence our choices, even for the simplest or the most important things in life, for e.g. decisions about our love life. Therefore, it comes as no surprise that our zodiac sign determines the right boyfriend for each one of us.

Yes, it is true that our zodiac sign dictates who we should date and who we should not! While the choice is finally up to us (and there are exceptions to the rule), we do end up making choices laid down for us.



The feisty Aries woman is highly independent and spirited in nature. She is highly stable in her life, logical and very comfortable in her skin. She knows what she wants in life and is ready to take on any challenge thrown at her.

She should date:
A Cancer man is someone the Aries woman finds very attractive. They calm the highly energetic girl in her and enjoy her complex personality. Similarly, a Pisces man evokes the emotional side of the fiery lady and she can trust him with anything.

She shouldn’t date:
A Gemini – the indecisive of this zodiac will mess with an Aries head. A Leo is very intense for her and too dominating which can be a threat to her independence.



A Taurus woman loves to be surrounded by beauty and material luxury. At the same time, she is a committed friend and a deeply devoted lover. She is stable, grounded yet has a mesmerizing mysterious quality to her.

She should date:
A Taurus man makes a perfect boyfriend to her. They are like one soul two bodies. The Taurus girl would fall head over heels in love with her Cancerian boyfriend as he balances her emotional energies.

She shouldn’t date:
A Leo man would drive a Taurus woman crazy not with lust but with anger as they can seem very demanding of her. The full of enthusiasm Sagittarius man will baffle the Taurus girl at every stage. They have nothing in common.



The Gemini girl believes in romance. Never to be let down, her heart is full of love and adventure. She is friendly and adventurous.

She should date:
A Cancer man is her true love as they both answer each other’s emotional needs and quench their thirst for curiosity. A Libra man enjoys the way the Gemini girl enjoys her share of limelight and both are flexible and adaptable in nature.

She shouldn’t date:
A Scorpio man will be too intense for the Gemini girl and his jealousy will drive her up the wall. A Virgo man is too quiet for her.



A Cancer woman is ambitious but very kind too. She has a heart of gold and is attracted to passionate people. She is attentive, house proud and dearly loves her friends and family. She is highly intelligent and has a great sense of humor.

She should date:
A Cancer woman is deeply attracted to a Libra man as he oozes confidence, balances his professional and personal life very well. He also makes her feel secure. The down-to-earth Taurus man allows the Cancer girl to relax and offers her stability.

She shouldn’t date:
While a water sign herself, a Cancer woman should steer clear of a Scorpio man as the intensity is too much to handle. A Virgo man and a Cancer woman would have difficulties overcoming their shyness and a lot.



A Leo woman loves attention and limelight. She has an ego and is proud of it. She loves to be pampered and when in love, she is loyal and steadfast. She makes a strong partner and is vivacious.

She should date:
A Leo woman and Gemini man make a good match as the Leo loves the Gemini’s gentle heart. He admires her dynamic personality. With a Leo girl, the Scorpio man learns his boundaries and therefore, never tries to dominate. Both are very loyal and passionate.

She shouldn’t date:
While a Leo woman wants everything in her partner she is wary of the Aquarius man as he seems too easy to her. Therefore, this is not a match made in heaven.



The Virgo woman is a myriad of contradictions. She is quiet and very vulnerable. But she is strong, organized and looking for stability.

She should date:
A Libra man will ensure he woos the Virgo girl till she agrees. His logic and nurturing nature will make her feel loved and secure. Similarly, a Capricorn man will bring her out of her cocoon. She will be able to trust and reveal her true beautiful self.

She shouldn’t date:
A Virgo woman should never date a Cancer man as they both are super sensitive and cannot function as a couple. A Pisces man is very meek to fight the world for the Virgo woman and she will never feel secure in this relationship.



A Libra woman is very self-aware. She knows what she wants and how to get it. She reasons and is logical. If it’s not the best, then it’s not for her!

She should date:
Surprisingly, a Sagittarius man is a great match for a Libra woman. While he is free-spirited, she is grounded and they both complement each other. A Leo man will love a Libra woman for her loyalty. He loves the fact that she is goal oriented.

She shouldn’t date:
A Capricorn man and a Libra woman can never see things the same way. A Pisces man will try a Libra girl’s patience and will be hurt by her bluntness. Therefore, it is best to avoid him!



A Scorpio woman has too many layers to her; emotional yet reserved, passionate but jealous. Highly intuitive, she is very demanding physically as well as mentally. She can be very overwhelming.

She should date:
A Scorpio woman will appreciate a Capricorn man’s critical thinking, his imagination and fearlessness. They will genuinely enjoy each other’s company. A Leo man will feed her thirst for lust, zeal and creativity. Both are very independent.

She shouldn’t date:
It is best not to date a fellow Scorpion! A Scorpio man’s intensity combined with that of a Scorpio woman will spell a big disaster. A Gemini man will bore a Scorpio woman with his romantic gestures and she will feel confined.



A free-spirited Sagittarius woman knows no fear and love adventure combined with freedom. She follows her heart and needs a lover who will share her enthusiasm for exploration and life.

She should date:
An Aries man will appreciate a Sagittarius woman’s adventurous spirit and their easy-going nature. They make a happy pair! An Aquarius man will help the Sagittarius girl grow as a woman and plus, the passion they share is intense.

She shouldn’t date:
A Sagittarius girl and a Taurus man should never come together. They simply cannot agree about anything. A Virgo man will bore a Sagittarius girl with his constant need for reassurance. She will always be busy and he cannot live in the present.



A Capricorn woman’s life is all about goals. She has a great sense of humor but comes across as serious. She is patient and is logical when it comes to solving problems.

She should date:
A Pisces man’s sensitive nature will appeal to a Capricorn girl as she will provide him the stability. A Virgo man is the true soul mate for a Capricorn girl. They are comforting to each other and a Virgo’s organization skills are much appreciated by the Capricorn woman.

She shouldn’t date: 

A Leo man and a Capricorn woman can’t be together. He wants attention and she’d rather do something else. An Aries man too will piss off a Capricorn girl. She believes in the future and he wants to live in the present.



An Aquarius woman is one to look ahead with her head help up high. She is creative and innovative. She thinks outside the box and values her freedom beyond anything else.

She should date:
A Libra man and an Aquarius girl are a great match. They both are social and love hanging out. Both are creative and hence, they always support one another. The Aquarius girl finds a Gemini man very charming. They share great passion and are wild.

She shouldn’t date:
For the freedom loving Aquarius girl, a Scorpio man is too intense and she won’t be able to handle his jealous and demanding ways. A Pisces man is way too delicate for the Aquarius girl and cannot handle his dependency.



The Pisces woman is not an easy one to gauge. She lives in her cocoon, is emotional and over-sensitive. She is creative but can also be shy at times.

She should date:
A Cancer man is compassionate and feeds the emotional requirement in a Pisces girl. She feels safe and secure with him. With a Capricorn man, she finds the stability and foundation she needs in life. To him, she is sweet and very appealing.

She shouldn’t date:
A Gemini man is too candid and his bluntness will hurt the Pisces girl. His free-spiritedness will rouse jealousy in her. A Libra man is insensitive for a Pisces girl too. This is because he believes in bringing up cold hard facts and she cannot bear the reality!


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