Try these randomly romantic Valentine’s Day ideas
Yes, Valentine's Day has become a over-commercialized mess, but it's...

Yes, Valentine’s Day has become a over-commercialized mess, but it’s still the perfect opportunity to let little romantic gestures shine.

Even though you will find it hard to find someone that will actually turn away a box of chocolates, there are plenty of other things you can do to show your love that are a million times more meaningful than buying things.

Remember, it’s the simplest things that can go a long way in your relationship.


  • Send your sweetie a sweet, short and sexy text or email. (Not to a work email!)
  • Leave a little note in his/her briefcase or laptop bag so they will find it when they get to work.
  • When your significant other gets home, be waiting in the bedroom dressed in your favorite sexy lingerie (or nothing at all!) … you know what happens next….
  • Plan a surprise outing! Start with dinner at your partner’s favorite restaurant, then reveal tickets to a show or sports game.
  • Take a hot air balloon ride together.
  • Surprise him/her with that special something they have been coveting (no matter how big or small).
  • Send flowers or cookies for no reason at all.
  • Take the dog for a walk or complete another “chore” your partner usually tackles.
  • Stock the fridge with his/her favorite beer or wine and the shelves with his/her favorite snacks.
  • Stop by your sweetie’s office around lunchtime with his/her favorite noontime nosh.
  • Take a drive together — car trips provide some of the best time for talking one-on-one.
  • Snuggle after sex — even if you are tired.
  • Give a back massage.
  • Offer a foot rub — without asking for one in return!
  • Fill up your partner’s gas tank.
  • If he/she comes home after a night with friends WAY past the time he/she said they would, let it go.
  • Make breakfast in bed.
  • Stay in bed all day — pajamas optional.
  • Take a late-night, hand-in-hand stroll around your neighborhood.
  • Sign up for a class you know he/she has been wanting to take together.
  • Make up silly nicknames for each other that you ONLY call each other in private!
  • Make a mousepad (or a mug or a calendar) with your picture on it (or your pet’s picture).
  • Start a new hobby together.
  • Do something nice for his/her mother, brother, sister, etc.
  • Let him/her pick the movie this time.
  • Make a special dinner
  • Leave a note on the bathroom mirror so he/she will see it first thing in the morning.
  • Recreate your first date — then recall all the feelings you had for each other that very first night.
  • Buy a calendar and fill it with important dates (our first dinner together, our three-year anniversary, etc.).
  • Buy his/her favorite perfume or cologne, and simply put it in the medicine cabinet for him/her to discover.
  • Declare a day of the week “your” day — always spend that day together, even if you just snuggle on the couch together.
  • Have a talk about the future and let him/her know that he/she is a part of it (even if you’re married, this is a nice reminder).
  • Explore your adventurous sides together — do something daring that neither of you have tried before, such as bungee jumping or sky diving. The experience will bring you closer.
  • Leave a sweet note on a post-it on his/her car windshield or steering wheel.
  • Frame a picture of the two of you during a special trip.
  • Kiss when you leave in the morning and when you get home at night. Small gestures of love go a long way.

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