Get back with your love by learning tips for dating an ex. If, after many lonely nights, you regret the decision of leaving your ex-girlfriend, there are a number of ways to get back together with her. While dating an ex can be messy, it can be done.


Make sure you want your ex back.

Do you really want to date your ex again? Make sure you have solid reasons for wanting to rekindle the relationship. Don’t rush back to your ex simply because the dating scene is rough.


Determine why you broke up in the first place.

You two broke up for a reason. If the reason for your breakup still exists, it makes no sense to pursue a fresh start. If things have changed, then it might be worth a shot.


Make sure your ex hasn’t moved on.

If your ex has moved on and is currently dating someone else, perhaps it is best to let her go or wait for her current relationship to end. Trying to steal your ex-girlfriend away from another man rarely results in success.


Leave your old baggage.

Starting a new relationships depends on forgetting about what happened in the past. Do not bring up what happened previously or argue about whose fault it was that it happened. It will only bring resentment on her part.


Move forward cautiously.

If you do decide to date your ex-girlfriend, take it slow. Remember, you are restarting a relationship. You can’t just start off from where you ended before.


Try to get into a new routine.

Do not fall back into the old routine you had with your ex. Switch up the things you do together, the places you eat and the friends you hang out with. New activities will allow each of you to discover new things about each other.


Ignore your friends and her friends.

People talk. It is highly likely that one of your friends or one of her friends will disapprove of you two reconnecting and they will not be shy of sharing the opinion with you. If you are serious about making up with your ex, it is best to ignore what your friends say and to follow your own heart.


Talk to her about her feelings.

Most breakups are due to bad communication. Ask your ex-girlfriend straight out about what she wants to be different this time around. And, don’t forget to listen.


Concentrate on the future together.

Never look to the past. Make sure you are always going forward and not simply trying to relive your glory days. If it ever feels like you are stuck in the past, it is best to end the relationship and remain friends.


Try hard.

Relationships are tough. Remember to treat her special, to listen to her and to ask for her opinions. If you have already broken up with her once, you have already been through the worst. You now have a second chance, so don’t blow it.