Mostly I blog about digital marketing, as I am a Digital Marketing Consultant by profession. But today I was working on my digital marketing projects and suddenly my mind started thinking about life when I asked myself  “what am I doing? Is there a right way to live life? Why shouldn’t I quit my job and start a business and blah blah”. Then I thought about these three important things we must learn about life.


  • Never disrespect your career. It will not only pay your bills, but will give you an identification and status.


  • Do not depend on people to make you feel better. This is the biggest lesson I have learned recently. Learn to love yourself. Become your own healer. I became mine :}


  • Don’t seek acceptance or approval from people who just see you as someone ordinary. Create your own path. The society will judge you anyway.


I wanted to add one more…


  • Take care of the people who love you and care for you unconditionally – Your parents. You’re getting busier but that doesn’t mean you can’t spare five minutes to those who spent years to make you who you are today. Appreciate and try to be there. 🙂


I hope, you like my words and you will start to learning about life itself today.


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