Taurus Love Compatibility

Taureans are patient and reliable people who love the rewards in life. They do not enjoy the game of love as much as succeeding in love. They seek security and the long-term outcome of their efforts, but can be jealous and resentful if hurt.

Taurus’s Outlook on Love:

Taureans seek stable and sometimes rigid relationships and wish to build toward a long-term goal with their partner. Because of this they seek to find a lover in their social circle or someone who is within their own status level. They prefer logical expressions of intimacy rather than fairy tale romances, as they need to build a solid foundation for the future with someone like-minded.
Taurus’s Romantic Side:

While Taurus may seem to lack a romantic side outwardly, they are extremely loyal to those they have made a commitment to and will do anything to show their loyalty, even if that means self-sacrifice! Taurus tends to be more expressive to their loved one through non-verbal means such as gifts, aesthetics, or music and setting a proper atmosphere for a romantic interlude.

What Turns a Taurus On:

A partner who enjoys the finer things in life and expresses that level of stature in their day-to-day reality is what really gets a Taurus engine revving! Taurus looks for consistency, dependability, and security, so a partner who has a firm plan of action for their future is the person who would turn the head of a Taurus.

Taurus Plays Nice With:

Taurus would be best suited in a relationship with Capricorn, Virgo, or Cancer.

Taurus Should Stay Away From:

Taurus generally should avoid Aries, Gemini, Scorpio, Leo.