Just because you’re single doesn’t mean you’re alone!

Round up some unattached chicks and hit the bars, a restaurant, the local karaoke joint, the bowling lanes, whatever. Revel in your ability to have an amazing time, no men needed.

Whether it’s George Clooney or Johnny Depp, spend the night with your ultimate celeb crush. Rent a handful of his movies and treat yourself to an eye-candy marathon

Organize a Secret Admirers gifting sesh.¬†You and a group of friends draw names and then deliver items like chocolates, flowers, and teddy bears to each other. That way everyone can have a Valentine…

Since you aren’t spending your dough on some dude, might as well spend it on yourself. Give yourself some credit for how amazing you are and treat yourself to something special like a mani-pedi, a new necklace, or a blow-out at the salon.

Ask a guy friend out for a platonic date and split a meal at a tasty restaurant. Make a game out of your dinner discussion by looking around the restaurant at all the couples (there will be a ton!) and guessing which ones will actually last, based on their body language.

Be a rebel and convince your co-worker bestie to play hooky with you. Instead of sitting in meetings or watching other chicks get flowers delivered to their cubes, you and your pal can go shopping, take a day trip somewhere fun (like skiing!), or catch a new chick flick, sans the crowded theater.

Party at your place! Invite friends over for wine, appetizers, gossiping, and good times. To mix it up, make it a theme party, like suggesting that everyone wear all pink (or black, if you caught the “Singles Awareness Day” bug) and create an iPod playlist with songs like “Girls Just Wanna Have Fun”