You’re in love. And as the saying goes, it’s love then marriage, right? Well, our research says the answer to that is “maybe.” Sparks flying isn’t always a surefire way to know she’s the one you should get down on one knee for. We asked a few dating experts for signals a man should look for to confirm that yes, this is a healthy relationship and yes, she is the only you should marry.


You can let go around her.

Maybe you have dated around and tried on a number of different personalities. You’re dating the right person when you feel free to be all shades of yourself around them, especially vulnerable.


You fight fairly together.

Every relationship has its fights, but there is a difference in daily spats over meaningless things and arguments where you listen to each other, resolve the problem and then let it go then and there. You have to fight. Couples that don’t end up sweeping issues under the rug and eventually one person bursts over everything, which is unfair to everyone. It’s how you fight that matters. Are you with a woman where both of you maintain respect even in your most heated moments?


She makes you feel uplifted.

You should feel encouraged, loved and secure, and know that your dreams and thoughts can be shared.


You share a lifestyle and core values.

Perhaps you golf, hike, and run marathons–the person you marry does not need to share in all or any of these activities. But the right woman, in this case, is someone who values the time of being active, even if her activities are different than yours. Are you both sharing your time in similar ways–with family and friends, or at concerts, for example?


You both talk about the future together.

If you both initiate future plans and goals, that’s a good marker you are with the right person. This could be anything from dropping the date of a friend’s wedding six months in advance, planning how you’ll handle the holidays as one unit or discussing moving in together.


You don’t feel tempted to look elsewhere.

A healthy relationship includes two people who are attracted to each other and have good chemistry. Being satisfied is an important part of a long-lasting union.


She’s almost perfect.

No one is absolutely perfect, but you can get pretty darn close to finding what you need in a partner without settling.