When a guy asks, “Should a guy make the first move?” he might be hoping the answer is something unexpected like, “No, women have to make the first move. So relax, sit back and a beautiful woman will guide you from a conversation to a kiss, sex and into a relationship.”

If women made the first move, we men wouldn’t have to do anything to impress women or get them to have sex with us.

We could just sit back and let women seduce us into having sex.

Wake up, wake up!

Although that would be a nice world to live in, it’s not the world that we live in.


Women are instinctively attracted to men who have the balls to make a move and go after what they want. If women rewarded shy, fearful, insecure, self-doubting men with sex, the human race would gradually lose it’s strength.

In the real world that you and live in, women are programmed to respond to men who have the confidence to make a move and the social intelligence to know when to do it.

For example: If a guy just starts talking to a woman and immediately tries to kiss her, he definitely has the confidence to make a move, but he lacks the social intelligence to know when he should be making that move.

However, if a guy talks to a woman, makes her feel attracted to him (e.g. by making her laugh, being confident, being charismatic, having a masculine vibe that makes her feel girly, etc) and then makes a move at the right time, the woman will instinctively feel attracted to his overall package.

She will feel as though he has the social intelligence to make women feel attracted, the confidence to make a move and the awareness of when to make a move.

Instinctively, a woman will feel as though it’s better to breed with a guy like that than have sex with a nervous guy who is clueless about whether or not he should make a move.

Even though a nervous, clueless guy might be able to succeed at work in the modern world and provide her with a comfortable lifestyle, he still lacks the all-important inner qualities that women are programmed to breed into the human race.

Although a shy, nervous, insecure guy might feel like he deserves her because he is a good guy, she will instinctively feel turned off by his lack of confidence and awareness of how to naturally guide a woman to sex.