Dual Personality

Gemini people have a somewhat dual personality, and they have been known to morph into whatever you want them to be at that particular moment. In addition, Gemini always seems to have a witty comeback thanks to their propensity for language and intelligence. They are quick to learn about and apply concepts, but their flighty mind doesn’t allow them to stick to one project to its completion.

Your typical Gemini always wants people to believe that everything is alright. This makes them put up a front even when they are hurting, which in the end doesn’t work since whatever it is they are trying to hide shows rears its ugly head eventually. They are emotional, but they only show this side of themselves once they are able to trust the person they are with. Only a few friends and loved ones see this side of themselves, but only after they’ve stood the test of time.

A Gemini is typically guided by his or her impulses, making long absences a common thing for them. They are fond of going off on adventures without telling the people closest to them and then reappearing in a most unusual way. This  isn’t something that you should fault them on as it is part of their essence.

Stability and Independence

Gemini needs a solid and stable person who will be able to help them follow through with whatever it is that they choose to do. At the same time, they may need someone who can match their energy and isn’t afraid of the independence that Gemini brings to the table. An Aries can be a great match for this twin sign because they both are attracted to the fast life as well as the need to have a thriving social life. These two star signs complement each other since one is inventive (Gemini) and the other is known for exhibiting stellar leadership skills (Aries). This can be ideal for a Gemini who is looking for someone who will push them to be the best that they can be in life.

Another great match for Gemini has to be Aquarius, perhaps due to these two’s shared love for all things communication. Aquarius also has the potential to open Gemini up to new and exciting experiences without being affected by nervousness or flightiness at all times. These two have a thing for helping the downtrodden in society, making them a force to reckon with should they choose to partner in causes that they deeply care about.

If you’re looking to date a Gemini, always keep in mind that you have to be secure in yourself since they aren’t the type to stay in one place for long periods of time. Prime yourself for excitement, wonder and surprises at every corner should you decide to get together with one.