Girls now look for more obvious signs and signals to see if a guy likes her for real.

How should girls know for sure if a guy really likes them?

Full of Questions

Guys who are interested in you, often love asking questions about you. What, why, how, when and where are their staple. They are usually curious about anything related to you or what exactly is happening in your life. They might even stalk you a bit on Facebook and keep a tab on your updates. This means that they love hearing about you and knowing everything around you.

Conversation Starters

They always ping you on your WhatsApp first, or always say ‘hello’ when they see you. They often love to initiate conversations with you, irrespective of the place or mode. This means they like hearing from you and consider their time well spent, when you guys are talking.

Well Wisher

They never forget your birthday or any important event in your life. They will ask how your interview went or how the big anniversary party you threw for your parents was. The events in your life are somehow important to him and he never fails to remember even one.

Tried Hard

He often tries hard to strike up a conversation or keep himself in your circle of friends. He makes an effort to help you with your problems. He tries to understand you and consoles you too. He is always ready to go out with you or is up for a telephonic chat even late in the night when he is really sleepy.

Doesn’t enjoy your guy talks

He isn’t the same when you talk about other guys to him. He doesn’t feel comfortable or doesn’t say much. It might be that he is envious or doesn’t like to hear about these things from you. He behaves differently when you are with a guy and differently when you are alone with him. It is a sure sign that he is pretty much into you.

Flirting or praising

If the guy isn’t already your friend, then he might flirt with you to show his interest in you. He might indulge in suggestive talking or excessive praising. He could even ask you out. Alternatively, if the guy is shy, he might just ask for your number and look forward to calling you.

He agrees with you

Men, who like you, don’t want to contradict you or hurt you in any way. So most of the time, they tend to agree with what you say and show that they have the same interests as well. If it seems like he usually has the same thoughts as you do, then he really does like you because it is very rare that a man and a woman always feel the same about everything.

His face

Girls are excellent face readers. The way a guy looks at a girl, can easily tell her what his intentions are. The face is the index of the heart. If he seems extremely smitten by you or is conscious around you, it’s positive that he is really into you. Talking excessively around you or not talking at all also suggests that he is affected by your presence. If he is smiling and blushing around you then, dear lady, you have an ardent admirer.