Love continues to be a sweet mystery waiting to be unraveled. Sometimes it can be hard to tell what is going on in a relationship. But don’t worry if you think things are going too slow with your boyfriend.

Sometimes relationships can take some time to grow, but there’s nothing wrong with that. If you think that your beautiful relationship is a late bloomer when it comes to physical intimacy, instead of worrying about it, I say why not do something to make it better?

If you really wish to take your relationship a step ahead with the magic of the first kiss, I think a little help will go a long way.

Here are some of the most effective tips on how to get your boyfriend to kiss you and I hope you’ll make the most of them!


  • It’s alright to make the first move at times – let him know you want him!

The little trouble that keeps us girls waiting for that magical first kiss to happen comes from the timeless tales of the perfect prince making the move and sweeping the princess off her feet. But I think it’s about time we become our own knights in shining armor and take charge.

What I mean to say is, forget what you have read in the classics and seen in the romantic movies on screen, and ask for what you want. This is the best dating advice I’ve got for you is; if you like a guy, don’t wait for him to come to you! Go, tell him how you feel and do the same when you feel like experiencing the butterflies of the first kiss.

  • Let the magic of your irresistible pucker spellbind his senses

When you want him to kiss you, the first thing that needs to be done is get his attention focused on your beyond-perfect lips. I’m not much of a glam-up pro, but trust me on this, a little gleam on your perfectly sculpted pout can work wonders on him.

So, start by dressing up your lips to be ready for the magical moment, and then we’ll try to add some sprinkles of ‘naughtiness’ in our recipe for the kiss. Play a little with your pucker. Your smile is beautiful, I know, but along with working your beautiful curve, a little bite and a mindfully thoughtless lick will make his heart skip a beat, I’m sure of it!


  • How about letting your eyes do the talking for a start

Don’t shy away from holding his gaze whenever he looks in your direction. You can even try to play the unsaid game of ‘who blinks first loses the heart to the other’ and drown him in the dreamy depths of your eyes.

FYI: don’t forget to drop your gaze slowly and playfully to his lips as you let go of his gaze (it’ll make him go crazy, and you’ll see how!).


  • Flirt – have some fun and see how it ignites the confidence in him

Let go of the cover of shyness, after all, those naughty thoughts have made a permanent nest in the back of your head, haven’t they? So, it’s time you let the birds fly and live a little. Let your sweet words inspire his senses.

Just try not to overdo it, but I’m always in favor of going all in when it comes to being flirtatious with his heart.


  • Use the mysterious lure of the near touch

It’s next to impossible for me to explain the effect of playful near touch that borders on maddening if done right. Just a little touch of your fingers with his, a light step of your toe on his, a planned accident of a slight about-to-happen bump into each other saved at the very last moment, are all it takes.

Believe me, nothing’s sweeter and crueler than the torture of near touch (It’s a must-try in any case, and I seriously doubt that it’ll make him stop at just a kiss!).


  • Tempt him with your fabulous self

Use the irresistible attraction of your beauty to make it simply impossible for him to stay away from you. Wear the colors he loves, and wear them in a way that’ll make him love you even more (you do know what I mean, right?).

Style your gorgeousness to perfection and leave him wanting you from head to toe. Be nice to him, and flaunt your loveliness like a weapon that’ll devastate his very senses!

How to get your boyfriend to kiss you is all about the temptation, if you ask me, and this trick is sure to work like a charm.


  • Your body language will do the trick

We may not give much thought to it, but the way we move sends more signals to others than our words. So, let’s give it the thought it deserves. Staying confident is the key to the perfect body language.

Use your elegance and keep your flirtatious-most mode on always. Let every muscle you move be translated in his mind into kissing your girlfriend is what you want!, and you’ll be fine. Don’t worry if he doesn’t speak about his desires right away; because trust me, his body will respond to your language for sure, all you need to do is to be watchful and catch the hint!


  • Don’t miss out on the obvious hints – let him in on the secret

When it comes to mustering up the courage to express the feelings of the heart, guys can get nervous at times and what’s worse is that they can also be a little thick-headed when it comes to taking your hints.

Well, it’s alright, we’ll just move a step ahead and jump to making your desires obvious with the hints he understands. Wink!

Forget near touch, and instead run your hand down his when you get a chance. And if he still finds it hard to figure out what and how you feel, drop him a text saying the secret in the simplest words – I want to kiss you! (Ah! What can’t love make us do, right?).


  • Being alone can motivate the desire to manifest into a sweet reality

If you still don’t see any move from his side, then maybe he’s just not comfortable enough to let his feelings out in the open. But it’s okay, we can respect their comfort zones as well, right?

So, how about playing the bad girl and getting the two of you alone some place? Come on, I know you can do it.

All you need to do is let go of the hesitation and take your chances, because after all just look at the awesome trophy of the quest (Motivation enough, isn’t it!).


  • How to get your boyfriend to kiss you? (JUST KISS HIM! Go on, kiss him already!)


Ahem, if you still wish to live the childhood fantasy of him taking charge, you can start with a peck on the cheek and lead him on. Trust me, you’ll have the dream you’ve thought about for so long come true in no time!

Now that you have the help of the perfect, ‘get your guy to kiss you’ guide, I hope your relationship will take a more fulfilling turn real soon. But I’ll still love to let you in on a little secret: nothing can inspire and sustain the intimacy in your relationship better than the burning flames of true love.

Use all of our help and try everything you want, but never let go of the one thing that truly fuels passion and liveliness in both your hearts and always try your best to keep the love alive. Make him feel that and he’ll be yours forever.