The truth is that all people are different and it is difficult to categorize them. However, if you have been somewhat active on the dating scene, you may know some types of guys that you like and you may also be aware of the guys you shouldn’t date. There are some who will sweep you off your feet instantly and there are also those who start out shy, but then catch up, gain speed, and wrap you up in their fast spinning world.

Basically, it all comes down to what you want of your relationship and… for how long you want it to last. Just keep in mind that all types have something to offer and to teach.

Whether you are trying to step around the cheater and hooking up with a co-worker, or you just locked on to a smart guy with sense of humor or even Mr. Big Shot, here are the different types of guys to watch out for.


The Intelligent One

In case you are asking what type of guy is right for you? You should think about yourself a bit. Consider your intelligence level, your lifestyle, and your goals. This is the kind of man that will sweep you off your feet using his brain. You can talk to him about everything under the sun. Although he wears a suit to work and he looks sharp at the office, in his personal life he is casual and laid back, which makes him fun to have around. In case you have a similar style and a similar lifestyle, he might be the perfect guy for you.


The Party Boy

We have to admit that they are fun to be around. These are the guys that will take you to exclusive clubs where they know everybody and you will be able to enjoy their company. Besides this, he will also take you on trips, festivals, and you will have a lot of fun in Ibiza. However, these are the guys that won’t commit (which is understandable since they are constantly surrounded by pretty women).


Mr Right

We have to start by saying that the majority of women believe this species to be extinct. You should think about those who always say the right thing, do the right thing, wear the right clothes, and follow the right etiquette. These men not only look good (meaning manly) but they also have a sensitive and romantic side which makes them a real catch. If you ever find a man of this kind, you should stop looking for the different types of guys and marry him as soon as possible.


The Cheater

Most probably you have dated a man before who already had a girlfriend. They usually say that they will leave their girlfriend for you, but they rarely do. However, if they do break up with her, is there any guarantee that they won’t do the same to you to go out with another girl? You might think that you are special, Save yourself the trouble and look for a single guy that will appreciate you.


Mr Romantic

The majority of people believe that all women wish to date romantic guys. Firstly, you should ask yourself whether you are romantic as well. Although these guys are great with grand romantic gestures, they bring flowers, and they don’t mind discussing how amazing it is to fall in love, they might not be a good fit for you. Let’s be realistic: not all women are romantic and they might consider romantic men boring. Nonetheless, you should also remember that you can’t know for sure until you try dating a romantic guy.


The Best Friend

All women, without exception, are looking for the ideal man. If you have a best friend, for sure you get along great and if you ask him what kind of guy is best for me he might answer “Me”. You should never go there! That is the forbidden fruit. A lot of women think that their relationship is different and that it is rock solid, but in 99% of the cases this is not true. You should be happy for what you have and make the most of it, without creating the opportunity for things to get awkward. Hooking up with your best friend is a sure way to lose them, and most probably this isn’t something that you want.



No matter how hot they might be, keep in mind that your co-workers are off limits. A relationship with a co-worker is simply doomed and it is filled with disaster. Dating a co-worker will affect your work. Just think about how things will be between you two if you broke up. Could you work handle that tension? Also think about your other co-workers who wouldn’t like to work with people who hold a grudge against each other. There are millions of reasons for which you should be looking for romance outside the office building, just to be on the safe side.


The Big Shot

These are the men that seem to have everything in their life: looks, money, social life, friends, women, and sense of humor. In case they are willing to share all this with you, it means that it must be your lucky day. These are the men that will take care of you. Nonetheless, you have to remember that other women would like to have a man of this kind as well, so you will have to take really good care of him. Keeping him on a short leash is the best you can do in this case to have your position secured.


The Shy Guy

The shy guy is one of those cases that you shouldn’t judge a book by its cover. You would be surprised what you find out about the shy guy after dating. If a guy is having trouble holding a conversation with you, it is possible that he is too nervous to know what to say. Shy guys are a definite turnoff sometimes, because they don’t go after what they want. (What do you think?) Yet sometimes shyness is attractive if used at the right moments. There are grey areas and it certainly depends on each situation.