The difference between dating a girl and a woman has nothing to do with age. It is based on maturity and the stage of life they are in. Sadly, there are a select few who will never grow up despite their age. You could be dating a 32-year-old who still behaves like a girl or you could be dating a 18-year-old but realise that she is much more womanly than said 32-year-old.

It may sound complex but through these obvious differences, it is easy to tell whether the woman you are currently dating is a girl or a woman.


Financial Dependence

A girl relies on you financially and thinks of you partially as someone to fall back on in the case that she is unable to support herself.

A woman is financially independent and knows that she should never depend solely on you to support your future together.



A girl expects you to know what she is thinking all the time through hints and body language. She gets angry or upset when you are unable to meet that expectation.

A woman uses her words to communicate her thoughts and feelings. She understands that nobody, even you, can read minds and is comfortable with expressing herself.



A girl behaves exactly like how a girl is expected to act – spoilt and self-entitled, among other things. In the relationship, she takes more than she gives. As such, being in a relationship with a girl can be draining.

A woman knows nobody is entitled to anything. If she wants something, she should and will work hard for it.



A girl bases her self-worth on physical appearance. For example, looks, height, dressing, and makeup. She constantly demands attention from both men and women and will only feel validated through her looks and sexuality.

A woman understands that physical appearance is only superficial; inner beauty is more important. She will never let her self-worth be tied to what others think of her physically.



A girl has certain expectations of you and requires you to meet them, or otherwise. You have to conform to her idea of the perfect boyfriend, if not, she will try to change you to fit that mold of hers. Comparisons between you and her ex-boyfriend(s) are frequently made.

A woman understands that no one is perfect, even herself. She will never try to change you because she understands that each individual is their own person and she accepts you for who you are. A woman knows that compromise is necessary for every healthy relationship.
Life Vision
A girl has no clue what she wants in life – career, family, or relationship-wise, to name a few. She has yet to establish her own principles, moral values, and opinions which can be easily changed because of influence from friends and family.

A woman knows what she wants in life and works hard to achieve that together with you. She has taken time to consider what her values, principles, and aspirations are and will stand up for her beliefs.