Your best friend is going to be heartbroken if you are going to date her ex and understandably so. You should be away from your friend’s ex-flames. Dating your BFF’s former lover is one of the coldest things you could do to another woman. But is dating your friend’s ex always a bad idea? While in the majority of the dimes dating your friend’s ex can spell trouble, but in a few situations you can proceed with caution and give it a shot.

If your friend has moved on with life: If your friend is now happily married to another guy, you can try. Remember that a good friend will always want the best for you. If you three still hang out together on weekends, you have all the more reasons to give it a go. But hold yourself back if your friend is still single and has not got over her former lover. Hold on if you think your friend’s wound needs some more time to heal.

Your friend did not date for long: He does not qualify for an ‘ex’ if they went out just for a couple of coffee dates. Super short relationships do not throw a guy into the off-limits category. And don’t ever doubt why their relationship was so short. Their relationship may not have worked, but that does not mean that yours won’t work either. So better give it a shot without a doubt.


But if you are wondering how you can break the news to your friend, the best idea is just to call her up and talk to her. Remember it will not be fun if she gets a glimpse of the two of you in the social media. An honest conversation can save both your relationships.

Bottom line—If you are going to date your BFF’s ex, you must be prepared to face the repercussions. You can either have the support of your friend or lose her for life. It is for you to understand your priority and weigh the pros and cons before you get in a relationship with her ex.